How iOS Pokies Work?

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More gamblers in New Zealand are using their iPhones to do more than make calls, browse or access various services online. Now they can also use the devices to bet on their favourite pokies games.

Both classic and new releases of pokies are now mobile-optimised for all iOS devices. Players can, therefore, access these online pokies that come with numerous benefits from their devices. They can play pokies games wherever and whenever they wish without having to be in front of a computer screen. That is how much accessible developers have made the games.

How is Pokies Gameplay Like on iOS Devices?

Playing pokies on your iOS mobile devices has never been this easy. These devices come with an exceptional graphics processor and a streamlined touch-screen interface, which makes betting effortless.

A player only needs to tap a few buttons on the screen to customize the gameplay and spin the reels. All this while enjoying the seamless design and graphics on their devices. You will not miss any details while playing pokies on your iOS mobile device.

How to Find Your Favourite Pokie With Your iOS Device

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There are two ways bettors can play pokies on their iOS devices. The first one involves using the mobile device browser while the other one will require them to download dedicated applications. The latter option is most preferred as it comes with numerous advantages.

The apps accept payments from various e-wallet companies so that players don’t have to provide their sensitive financial information to them.

When selecting an online iOS casino app, remember to ensure that it offers your favourite real money games. Some of them don’t feature a wide variety of games, and so, it will not hurt to do some background research before downloading them.

Choosing Between Apps and Instant Play

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When betting on your iOS device at any online gaming casino, you can decide to choose between downloading an app or playing through your device’s browser. Online gaming apps require a bit of commitment than instant play.

However, they also offer players quicker set up once they have downloaded the apps to their phones. Once they download these apps, they don’t have to log in every time you wish to play. They only need to load the app and begin winning real cash instantly.

However, for those players in areas with slower 4G connection, it might take longer to download apps. In such cases, it’s wise to choose the instant play option. The downside is that they have to keep logging in into their accounts every time they wish to play. With instant play, there are no downloads required.

How to Install Pokie Games on Your Device

  • Open the App Store and search for your favourite games
  • Select the best pokie game. Once you choose a game, the Apple Store will direct you to the description page which outlines everything about it. You can also see reviews from other players on this page.
  • Click the “Get” button. You will need to enter your Apple ID and password and the app will start downloading onto your phone
  • Alternatively, download the app from iTunes


Most pokies games developers have made it possible for players to access these games from their mobile devices. If you own an iOS device, whether an iPad or an iPhone, go ahead and look for your favorite pokie game using your device. You will be happy to know that the games come with all the features as you would find on a computer browser.