History of Pokies

History of online pokies
The History of online pokies

Ever wondered who came up with the brilliant idea about pokies? The first pokie machine was developed in 1895 by Charles Fey in the United States of America. Although it was a simple game named the Liberty Bell, it became an instant hit.

At first, bettors played for money, but soon, the local and state laws banned gambling for cash. The Liberty Bell started to pay out in gums, fruits, and other small things instead of money.

Before long, many of its reel symbols represented different types of fruit, a process that was implemented over the decades. That is where the word pokies (fruit machines) came from, as Kiwis fondly call the slots machine.

🎰 The History of Online Pokies

The first-ever online casino was opened in the early 1990s, and it ushered a new way of playing pokies. Among the first casinos was Gaming Club, and they are still operational today.

The First Electronic Betting Machines in NZ

The history of pokies in NZ started in 1991, although they weren’t referred to as pokies in the beginning. Once gambling became popular in New Zealand, and the electronic betting machines, then known as pokie machines were allowed to be used in the game clubs, they still didn’t get mass popularity as pokies.

In 1989, parliament affirmed the operating of gambling clubs all through the country. By 2003 the six significant gambling machines were availed in the largest NZ land-based casinos, including Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, Dunedin, and two in Queenstown local betting houses.

That brought a breakthrough for all betting and pokies fans since the games were easy and straightforward. A few years later, pokies were allowed all over the country, and they became trendy among visitors and locals in equal measure. As of today, NZ is ranked among the hottest gambling countries worldwide.

🎲 The Evolution of the Modern Casino Pokies

The state controls all land-based casinos in NZ, and pokie machines are governed by the state organisations, including charity funds. They are also established in pubs and hotels around the country.

Players like them because they come with exciting gameplay and generous payouts. All the maximum jackpot amounts are treated like national lotteries, and thus, they are strictly taxed and regulated.

As of 1 July 2009, all betting machines in NZ are legally supplied with a display of the player’s information. It shows how often the player bets and the amount they have already gambled. Such information intends to encourage players to practise responsible gambling and take breaks after betting for long sessions.

🏆 The Inception of Online Casinos in New Zealand

Online pokies gained the same popularity in NZ as land-based ones. The first pokies provider to enter the NZ market was Microgaming in 1994. They introduced some of the most amazing games, including Fruit Fiesta and Cash Splash.

Later, there were tremendous changes, and new software providers invaded the gambling industry. At the end of 1990s, Playtech and CryptoLogic started offering software for pokies. However, gambling run by home developers on the websites was forbidden due to the 2003 Gambling Act.

Most online pokie games that Playtech, Microgaming and other companies had introduced couldn’t thrive in NZ’s online casinos. However, these games can be accessed in foreign countries online casinos.

The most popular online pokies came with one winning payline and three reels. After some time, game providers started releasing pokies with more winning paylines and reels. They also added exceptional images, including scatters, wilds and bonus symbols, among others.

These images were then turned into expanding wilds, sticky wilds, shifting wilds and locked wilds among other different varieties. On a few pokies, even the reels started to carry on differently.

💰 Playing Pokies for Real Money in New Zealand

The government operates online gambling casinos in New Zealand. It comes in the form of the National Lottery website. In such sites, players can only access those games that the government has legalised and has no competitors.

The internet era has made it possible for Kiwis to enjoy online betting. Although national island gambling, located in Oceania, is regulated by the Interior Affairs Department, and every game that requires money to be played is held in the state.

The winnings are channelled to the community treasury fund, and players can still have their way through the legal gambling websites that are operated from abroad. These websites are out of the New Zealand betting restrictions and judicial administration of the country.

🌏 The Evolution of Pokies in NZ

Pokies have evolved from the first fruit machine to become available in mobile devices too. The electronic games are now available on Kiwis mobile devices, including those running on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems.

Players can play these games from their devices by either using the phones’ browsers or downloading the applications from the gaming websites, known as mobile casinos. They can also access and download the games from Apple Store if the casino has an app.

With so much advancement in technology, Kiwi players can now enjoy playing most of their favorite pokies while on the move using their mobile devices. So, what is holding you back? Sign up with your favorite online casino and get playing today.