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Best Video Game Pokies to Play Online

Online Casino sites are working hard to ensure New Zealand players get to have maximum fun when they play online. Apart from offering a variety of gaming options, they have introduced quite a few Video Game Pokies to make the experience even more exciting.

There’s no doubt that video games are by far the most liked form of gaming! Introducing a theme in online slot games increases the enthusiasm to play more and makes them enjoyable too.

If you want to know about the best video game pokies and how you can play them, then you will find all your answers right here!

Video Games Pokies

What are Video Game Pokies?

Video game pokies are basically standard layout machines with exciting features like screens displaying reels that spin when you activate the game. These video game slot machines come with different currency detectors to identify payment methods like coins, vouchers, tokens, or cash.

What makes these machines super fun and enjoyable is their digital technology that can offer you interactive gaming elements with bonuses and excellent graphics. If you are a fan of video games, you are going to become a fan of video game pokies New Zealand! The best video game pokies use inspiration from some of the most famous online games and thus, you’re going to relate with them perfectly.

Top 5 Video Game Themed Pokies Games

Video games are filled with highly intricate and realistic details, which add thrills to the gaming experience. Video game-themed pokies games have started to add such expertise for their players by presenting exhilarating graphics in the slot machines.

Here are the top 5 best video game pokies themes that can be seen in NZ pokies games:

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Video Slot

If you get excited by the chill the genre of zombie horror video games brings, this should be on top of your wish list! Its theme has been the inspiration for quite a lot of best video game pokies. Resident Evil has been highly rated and is considered a masterpiece!

You can find the video game’s original horror theme in the slot machines with same logos and symbols. You will surely have a nostalgic journey while playing the pokies game if you are a fan of this series!


Zuma Video Slot

Zuma has been a unique puzzle game with huge popularity and can be played on any platform like iPod, Xbox, PS, mobiles, and PCs. The slot game offers you conventional poker symbols borrowed from the actual game. This makes the experience super exciting and cherish able. It comes with 20 pay-lines and 5 reels with all the famous signs from the puzzle.

When you download and play Zuma, you will realize how well the video game themed pokies have established the similarities to add to the actual video game theme.

Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Video Slot

Another iconic masterpiece video game with a lot of sequels! Tomb Raider gives a firm foundation to slot games for creating a fantastic experience for players. When you start your pokies game, you will find a video of Lara Croft.

It then takes you to your slot gaming journey to find symbols, and Lara positioned in different places. The slot machine gives you 15 pay-lines and 5 reels. The original video game has a massive franchise with other forms of media and movies.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter Video Slot

This one is a fighting game with a large fan base of the arcade type. Street Fighter has a charm of its own, with some impressive and straightforward features. The slot game has incorporated all the essential characters from the original video game. It is based on two characters and uses 25 pay-lines and 5 reels, the most common layout for slots.

When you are in the bonus round, you get a chance to select any character and fight Bison. You have to spin the game, and you are all set to go.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Video Slot

Call of Duty is a game that holds an important place in the FPS genre. It has a lot of sequels set in different eras like the Cold War, modern times, and World War II. The game’s two notable features, explosions, and dark theme are even present in the slot game.

When you play, you can find some famous symbols, like tanks and destroyed buildings that transport you to the feel of the game almost instantly! The modern welfare slot can be seen with a dark interface where bombs explode that removes some icons. These icons then get replaced with wild ones. Sounds quite interesting, right?

Unique Features of Video Game Pokies

Finding your favourite characters, themes, and symbols in slot games is more than enough to instil enthusiasm in you to play more! If you are wondering about what kind of uniqueness does video game pokies bring, then here is a list for you.

  • Wide variety of games: You will find various games, including play for free modes. You can first try a game that interests you without spending anything.
  • Develop gaming skills: Video game pokies demand a lot of real skill from a player, and you require practice in pokie strategy and tactics. It can give you a chance to build your skills

Online Video Game Pokie Tips

It’s not that easy to learn how to win all slot games based on your symbols matching by luck. Here are some tips you can keep in accordance while playing:

  • You should choose your slot with care: Every slot machine differs from the other. Each has a unique theme, features, soundtrack, and symbol. It gives different RTP (Return to Player) rates, so before playing, check the percentage of it.
  • Try out free games for practice: Before you start to put in money in the game, make sure you have some experience by playing free games.
  • Understand the pay table: The pay table is different for each slot which shows the worth of each symbol. It can tell you if the game contains wild symbols or scatters.
  • Play according to your budget: Make sure you have allotted a budget before you start playing. Play for the amount you can afford.
  • Target for smaller jackpots: You will find frequent returns on smaller jackpots. Even though the bigger jackpots seem rewarding, claiming it isn’t as favorable as smaller jackpots.

Final Word

Increasing players’ enthusiasm in video game slot games would make the gaming experience more enticing. New Zealand has some of the best video game pokies! This gives you a chance to test your luck and skills in all the games it offers.

Make sure to know all the terms and conditions before you start playing online pokies in NZ. Know from before the features of the game you have selected and the chances of getting a good bonus symbol. All the best!