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Best Movie Pokies to Play Online

What’s the weirdest thing you have done to satisfy the movie buff in you? Relax, this is no test. However, we try inserting the bits of something we love into everything. That’s where Movie Pokies comes into play.

Certainly, because movies surround us, everything somehow finds a way to them. Well, if you are someone who has a knack for gambling and films, movie pokies are for you.

With several joining the line every day, movie themed pokies have taken the internet by storm, and it is for all the right reasons. 

This article spotlights the best movie pokies, so you can acknowledge the cinema buff in you even while enjoying movie slot games. Furthermore, you will find tips and reasons that make these movie pokies class apart. To find out more, read on. 

Movie Pokies

What are Movie Pokies?

It’s like getting paid to watch your favorite movie. Here’s how. Movie pokies or movie slot games are the movie slot machines at casinos aligned with some of the best all-time blockbusters. 

Whether the background score, the plot, the characters, or action sequences, movie pokies ensure that the game experiences align with the cinema. Needless to say, these attributes have made movie-themed pokies a crowd pleaser around the globe. 

Look for pokies online using relevant search titles to track them in your country. For example, if you are in New Zealand, search for online pokies New Zealand, NZ pokies, movie-themed pokies NZ etc.

The Top 5 Movie-Themed Pokie Games

Now that you know what movie pokies are, let’s look at some of the best movie pokies. 


Jumanji Video Slot

The first one on this list of best movie pokies has to be the all-time hit, the most popularly loved board game movie starring Robin Williams, a classic from the ’90s.

This movie pokie allows you to roll the dice around the Jumanji board to win extra cash rolls. There are bonus features and mystery features, so yes, you are in for a ride. Nothing like the other monotonous movie slot games.

The mystery feature provides you access to any four bonus features, cash prizes, and extra dice rolls.

Other notable features of the game include:

  • A 3-4-5-4-3 reels formation with some simple rules 
  • Game symbols include pelicans, rhinos, and lions. 
  • A gripping background score 
  • Exciting bonus and mystery features 

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises Video Slot

A list of best movie pokies is incomplete without regarding the very best, The Dark Knight Rises. The 2012 film is finely detailed and weaved into a movie-themed pokie with around 243 ways to win.

Additionally, the game has room for spins and wilds, making it one of the finest.

Still not convinced to try it out? Get this. The Dark Knight Rises movie slot game comes with a progressive jackpot and immense potential for payouts. Meaning it is bound to keep players engaged and engrossed like never before.

Other notable attributes of the game include:

  • Progressive Jackpot
  • Playing system with 5 reels and 243 ways to win
  • 15 free spins with the classic Joker symbol 
  • The Dark Knight Logo capable of generating winning combinations 

Man of Steel

Man of Steel Video Slot

Next up on the list of the best movie pokies is the 2013 film that stirred the box office charts, the Man of Steel. The movie’s massive success was soon weaved into an online movie slot game with some surpassing features like impeccable graphics and a gripping background score.

Furthermore, with battles like the Earth free games, shifting wilds, Krypton free games, and the World Engine bonus, the game offers immense fun.

Some prominent features include:

  • A 5-reels and 25-paylines playing system 
  • Compelling battle options 
  • Loads of free spins with the Krypton Free Games feature 
  • An Engine Bonus

Gladiator Jackpot

Gladiator Video Slot

Another pick on the best pokies list is the Gladiator. It was never enough for the movie lovers to get over this cinematic masterpiece as epic as the movie was.

Gladiator movie pokie does justice to the movie in every way. With all the main characters from Juba to Proximo, the music, and even some clips from the film, the game ensures a gripping experience.

Some notable features are:

  • A 5-reels and 25-paylines playing system
  • Coliseum bonus with extra wilds 
  • Bonus features and progressive jackpot prize

Terminator 2

Terminator 2 Video Slot

Did you think the best movie pokies list could end without mentioning The Terminator 2?

An absolute treat for Arnold fans with a robot out on lose, fueled by revenge and some power-packed action, the Terminator 2 movie pokie is one worthwhile experience.

Some of the best features of the game are:

  • A 5-reels game and 243 paylines play system 
  • Supports multiple wagers
  • Value symbols include the club, diamond, spade, and heart icons 
  • Loads of free spins  

Unique Features of Movie Pokies

Wrapping up the list of best movie pokies out there, let’s identify what it is about cinema pokies that attract such popularity. 

  • Movie References: When you love something, you can’t ever get enough of it. Movie enthusiasts crave anything even slightly related to their favorite movie or character. From the graphics characters to the background score, movie slot machines fill the game with the movie.
  • More Profits and Fun: To draw more audience, the payouts are slightly more in movie-themed pokies, which does the job reasonably well as people love placing wagers on their favorites. 

Online Movie Pokie Tips

Here are some tips to help you ace the next game

  • Extinguish the greed of wanting more. Pause as and when you have reached the budget line. 
  • Pick slots with a higher return to player value. 
  • Religiously study the pay table, symbols and values to have a planned game. 
  • Polish your game by practicing with free or low budgeted games first. 
  • Small jackpots are equally important, don’t undermine them. 

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on our list of best movie pokies. Refer to this list and kickstart your journey with the bests if you are new to the whole movie-themed pokies concept. Also, leverage the features mentioned to win exciting bonuses, prizes and jackpots. 

And finally, using the game for earning a livelihood isn’t the best idea. They are just a means of entertainment and work much smoother that way.